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Phloretin 98% of picture
Phloretin 98%

CAS Number:60-82-2 Source:Naturally derived from apple .
Supplier Rank: Verified Supplier

Minimal Fob:USD840.00/kg
Apigenin 98% of picture
Apigenin 98%

CAS Number:520-36-5 Source:Naturally derived from chamomile 
Supplier Rank: Verified Supplier

Minimal Fob:USD703.45/kg
8-O-Acetylharpagide of picture

CAS Number:6926-14-3 8-O-Acetylharpagide
Supplier:YF Bioengineering
Supplier Rank: Verified Supplier

Minimal Fob:USD1137.93/g
chlorogenic Acid 50% of picture
chlorogenic Acid 50%

CAS Number:327-97-9 Source:Naturally derived from green coffee beans
Supplier Rank: Verified Supplier

Minimal Fob:USD144.00/kg

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Popular Products
γ-aminobutyric acid(GABA) of picture
γ-aminobutyric a ...
Minimal Fob:USD172.41/kg
D-Galactose  of picture
Minimal Fob:USD64.66/kg
CHAGA EXTRACT of picture
Minimal Fob:USD336.00/kg
Hordenine 98%HPLC of picture
Hordenine 98%HPLC
Minimal Fob:USD155.17/kg
Apremilast of picture
Minimal Fob:USD13.45/g
4-Fluorophenylacetone of picture
4-Fluorophenylace ...
Minimal Fob:USD896.55/kg
Green Coffee Bean P.E.extract 50% total acids of picture
Green Coffee Bean ...
Minimal Fob:USD81.90/kg
Uridine of picture
Minimal Fob:USD268.97/kg
Monobenzone Powder 98% of picture
Monobenzone Powde ...
Minimal Fob:USD241.38/kg
Methylophiopogonanone A of picture
Methylophiopogona ...
Minimal Fob:USD347.59/Vial
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