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wholesale Grape Seed Extract(OPC 98%)
FOB Price:USD37.24/kg
Quantity:  kg
Minimum Order Quantity: 25kg
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Appearance: Red-Brown Fine Powder
Sources: Vitis vinifera L.
MOQ: 25kg
Specification: OPC 98%
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-- -- USD37.24  /kg
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Appearance Red-Brown Fine Powder
Sources Vitis vinifera L.
MOQ 25kg
Specification OPC 98%
Odor Characteristic
Loss On Drying 5% Max
Sulphate Ash 5% Max
Heavy Metal 10ppm Max
E.Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Bioactive Ingredients OPC
Purity 98%
Package 25kg/fiber drum
Mesh 80mesh
Standard Enterprise Standard
Grape Seed Extract(OPC 98%) Detail

[Product name] Grape seed extract
[Latin name] Vitis vinifera L.
[Botanical Source] dry residua squeezed form mature fruit of grape.
[Quality standard]
1.Active Ingredient: 1. Proanthocyanidins(OPC) 20%-98% 2.Polyphenols 40%-95%
2.Part used: seed
3.Appearance: Red-Brown Fine Powder
4.Mesh: 100% pass 80 mesh 
5.Odor: Characteristic
6.Loss On Drying: ≤5%
7.Sulphated Ash: <2%
8.Heavy metal: 10PPM
9.Residual Solvents: 0.05PPM
[Microbiology standard]
1.Total Plate Count: 1000CFU/gm
2.Yeast&Mold: 100CFU/gm       
3.Salmonella: Negative     
4.E.Coli: Negative  
[Pharmacological Function] Grape seed extract is a natural plant substance that has a concentrated source of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC).It may help skin wounds heal faster and with less scarring . It (OPC) is the most used anti-oxidant in both health foods and cosmetics. OPC is known to clear up oxygen free radical effectively, fighting against senium. It also has a very good performance in lowering cholesterol. Grape seed extract can exert antiinflammatory, anti-arthritic and anti-allergic activities, prevent skin aging and inhibit UV radiation-induced peroxidation activity. More important, grape seed extract can penetrate the blood-brain barrier to help protection of the brain and nerve tissue from oxidation.
1.Scavenges free radical,eliminate speckles
2.Enhances capillary strength and vascular function,cure varicosity
3.Prevents cardiovascular disease
4.Alleviates PMS problems, bruising, edema from injury or trauma, and leg swelling
5.Enhances immune resistance
6.Increases peripheral circulation, improving vision,treat retinopathy, pearl eye, glaucoma, and eye bleeding
7.Reduces adverse allergic and inflammatory responses
8.Reduces aging and loss of elasticity in skin
[Package] Double plastic-bag inside, aluminum foil bag paper or fiber drum outside. N.W:25kg/drum
[Storage] Store in cool and dry place and avoid light and heat.
[Shelf Life] 2 years

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