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wholesale 4-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol (PCMX) 98.5%
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Minimum Order Quantity: 20kg
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Specification: 98.5%
Appearance : white or off-white crystalline solid, with slight phenol odor
CAS Number: 88-04-0
MOQ: 20 kgs
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Specification 98.5%
Appearance white or off-white crystalline solid, with slight phenol odor
CAS Number 88-04-0
MOQ 20 kgs
Molecular Weight 156.61
Molecular Formula C8H9ClO
Purity 98.5%
Package 25kgs/ bucket
4-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol (PCMX) 98.5% Detail
 4-Chloro-3, 5-dimethylphenol (PCMX). Molecular formula is C8H9ClO,Molecular weight 156.61,Appearance is white or off-white crystalline solid, with slight phenol odor. Melting point 114-116°C. In 20 ° C, 1 gram can be dissolved in 3 liters of water, and dissolved in a portion of 95% alcohol, soluble in ether, benzene, terpenes, olefins, polyethylene glycol, non-volatile oils and alkali hydroxide solution. It is volatile with water vapor and stable in hot water.


Structural formula of 4-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol

PCMX is a high efficient, broad-spectrum and safe anti-mildew sterilizing agent. Proven by FDA, it is the best choice for the sterilization of most Gram-positive and negative bacteria, fungi, mold and so on. It is non-toxic and non-irritative.

Form 1:bactericidal activity of PCMX

Gram-positive bacteria Bactericidal concentration /ppm fungi Bactericidal concentration /ppm
Staphylococcus aureus 10 candida albicans 50
Bacillus subtilis 50 saccharomycetes 50
Bacillus cereus 50 mold & saccharomycetes 110
fecal streptococcus 20 torula yeast 100
Gram-negative bacteria 40 aspergillus niger 1000
Escherichia coli 50 Penicillium chrysogenum 200
proteus unlgaris 100 rhizopus nigricane 100
bacillus pyocyaneus 1000 asthma mold 1000
Salmonella typhi 80 milk mould 50


      As a disinfectant, PCMX is not only high efficient, but also has high security. In the irritation tests on eyes and skin of rats in the acute dose of LD50> 2g/kg, it shows no the irritation.  It indicates non-sensitive and allergic reactions in the allergy tests with the acute dose of LD50> 3g/kg. Therefore, PCMX is recognized as a low-toxic sterilizing agent, is widely used in personal skin- contacting care products, such as hand-washing liquid, soap, anti-dandruff shampoo and sanitary supplies. The usual dosage in several liquid lotions is: detergent 0.5-1 ‰, antibacterial hand sanitizer 1 ‰, disinfectant 4.5-5 ‰,   can fully meet the needs of bactericidal effect.

        Another important use of PCMX is for preservative used in some medicinal powder, soap, disinfectant care solution, disinfecting sprays, hygiene products; used as plastic preservative of emulsions, cosmetics, ink, glue, polish, paint, plywood and plastics, with good heat resistance and weather resistance. Due to strong persistence in the resin, it is especially suitable for rigid and semi-rigid PVC sheet. It can also be used as preservative of textile, paper making and daily chemicals.

       PCMX has a good stability in the usual storage conditions; after long storage time, its color will become dark, but does not lose activity, which is an important feature for a disinfectant.

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