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Tribulus Terrestris P.E.extract Detail
Tribulus terrestris is a branch of the more widely distributed in crawl herb, tropical and subtropical regions throughout the year or perennial plant. With the special points of fruit and hard disc.
China is used tribulus terrestris traditional Chinese medicine and ayurvedic medicine as drop thermit, analgesics, diuretics, tonic and aphrodisiac. The role of urinary mucosa the cloth is very similar to the flower, bearberry.
In traditional Chinese medicine, diuretics, application of nourishing agent, hot, dry fruit aphrodisiac, spermatorrhea, can be used for high phosphate urine, reproductive urinary tract diseases such as dysuria, gonorrhea, chronic cystitis, stone, urinary organs disorders and diseases, gout and urinary incontinence, also used as impotence after the birth of uterine dysfunction. For diabetes, upper and lower respiratory tract dysfunction, hemorrhoids and heart disease is very effective.
1 the spasmodic smooth muscle or cramps
Tribulus terrestris as herbs are widely used for diuretics and diminsh cramps. Tribulus terrestris saponins in doses of interdependence mode (p < 0.05) can lead to the sheep from the body and the rabbit jejunum prepared slices of ureteral peristalsis of the decreased obviously. According to these results and thistles saponins may help some muscle spasm or cramps.
2. Aphrodisiac
Research shows that are likely to extract by briers and sexual impotence, low content of male sperm. Thistle can promote the pituitary gland secretion promoting corpus luteum element (LH). LH can stimulate secretion of the hormone testosterone hormone testosterone males. Research shows that taking thistle extract testosterone levels have more than 50% rise. In Bulgaria, including 212 bits from impotence, hypogonadism) and function (testicular sperm so experiment shows that the men can improve briars extract sperm quality and quantity. Accept the male sperm briars treatment of manufacturing, swimming can significantly faster rich vigor further the percentage of sperm. Once the male erectile history with hypoactie sexual desire of men are significant improvements in.
3) improve muscle strength
Long ago, Bulgaria bodybuilders will take thistle extract as the muscles. This effect should again to ascend promoting corpus luteum element secretes briers, and stimulate secretion of the hormone testosterone. The hormones can ascend body muscle growth and strong ability. No matter how thistles and not hormone supplements. By promoting the organism itself, its only in synthetic hormones within the confines of human's normal function and helps the body strong and muscle potential.
4 lower cholesterol
Experimental data shows that the herbs may also can pass on the liver function which helps to reduce cholesterol.
5. Alleviate urinary calculi disease and disorder
The alcohol extract briars fruit showed resistance to urolithiasis activity. In the daily oral dose limit albino mice kg2 to 4 weeks 100mg/after the artificially induced urolithiasis has significantly reduced the quality of 60-80%. The alcohol extract of chloroform, butanol and hydrated section shows more active and almost entirely inhibit stone formation. In addition, the extract also showed obvious diuresis activity.
Use common dose in the daily diet supplements containing thistle, without any apparent side effects were found. However, large doses of extracts from briers intake still needs more research on safety.
The typical briars saponins for daily doses of 250-800mg. Confirm choose contain at least 30-45 thistle saponins extract.
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