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Xi'an Dingjian Bio-technolgy


Country: China (Mainland)

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Company: Xi'an Dingjian Bio-technolgy

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Xi’An Dingjian Bio-technology Co.Ltd., which located in Xi'an Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone。It is specialized in the natural plant development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. It has a good extraction, separation, purification, drying equipment and technology, with rich production experience and strict quality management system, and the processing capacity is 3,000 tons of plant material. We and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry, Northwest University, Sichuan Agricultural University and other research institutes in collaboration with a team of doctors, masters, pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical engineering, bio-chemical R & D team composed of professionals, strong technical force. Through the strategic realignment, we have first-class R & D team, testing equipment and laboratory facilities, and improve the management system; we have a production base in line with GMP requirements, quality of the products to the EU, the U.S. and the stringent requirements of the Japanese market.