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Company: Shanghai DEMO Chemical Co.,Ltd

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DEMO, which was composed of Shanghai DEMO Chemical Co.,Ltd and Shanghai DEMO Medical Tech Co.,Ltd, is a high-tech medical chemistry technology company. On the strength of high level of R&D, comprehensive manufacturing system and advanced custom synthesized service, we provide our clients with high-quality product from bench scale(mg) to partial scale-up.

We possessed comprehensive quality inspection organization and quality guarrante system, dedicating to the R&D and production of more than 1,000 kinds of chemical products, including organic intermediates, medical intermediates, chemical intermediates, auxiliary chemicals and so on. Drawning on decades of experience constantly focusing on quality, service and credibility, we have gradually gained the trust and long-term relationship from both demostic and oversea markets.

We supply our customers with high-quality products in multi-items, packings and levels, will take fully use of resource advtange and insist on science&technology being guidance, upgrading product configuration, regarding market demands as target all the time.