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Xi’An Yikang Biological industry Co., LTD.


Country: China (Mainland)

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Company: Xi’An Yikang Biological industry Co., LTD.

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Xi’An Yikang Biological industry Co., engaged in natural plant active ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Relying on a wealth of natural medicine Qinba Mountain resources, research, development and production ofCitrus aurantium Series(Citrus polymethoxylated flavones, Hesperidin, Synephrine), piperine, 5-HTP, Fisetin, Osthole , Flavanols, Eleutheroside, and dozens of kinds of standard extracts and extracts of various proportions. Products are exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.


Xi’An Yikang Biological industry Co., located in Yanta District, surrounding and convenient transportation, beautiful environment. The company has first-class production equipment, improve production technology and testing methods, in strict accordance with GMP standards, ensure quality of product quality. Since its inception, the excellent quality of products and quality service to win the favor of domestic and international customers.


Xi’An Yikang Biological industry Co., technology as a pilot in the basis of product quality assurance and improve overall service quality and expand service areas, allow customers to fully enjoy the value added Xi’An Yikang Biological industry Co., LTD.effectiveness. We are willing to cooperate with more drugs, health products, food and plant extracts to carry out a variety of industry cooperation, hand in hand. We warmly welcome new and old customer’s negotiation cooperation and seek common development!