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Sichuan Weikeqi Biological Technology Co., Ltd


Country: China (Mainland)

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Company: Sichuan Weikeqi Biological Technology Co., Ltd

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CNSCWKQS is a high-tech enterprise dealt in separating, purifying, selling of chemical reference substance and plant effective constituent compound. Our company is strong in technology. It has one high-quality scientific research team with strong technological development and research ability. In research, manufacturing, and innovation of plant effective constituent compound, it has abundant technical storage and is very experienced. It has also mastered advanced theory, principle and implementing method, especially effectively exerted itself to deeply exploit new variety, develop applicable market, and propel industrialization of effective constituent compound research and development. At present, our company has established long partnership with many scientific research stations and institutes, medicine schools and colleges and pharmaceutical enterprises. We have products of more than 500 varieties, which are sold to countries far away like America, Great Britain, Germany, Korean, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. With competition in market is becoming increasingly fierce today, we will continue sticking to our business tenet of all is to satisfy customers needs, and will firmly establish guideline of based on customers needs and oriented to market demand, continue developing new high-quality products and provide customer satisfied integrated service quality We wish to cooperate with you sincerely and create bright future together.

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