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Company: Zhuhai Yazhongxing Bio-Tch Co.,ltd

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Zhuhai Yazhongxing Bio-Tchnology Co.,Ltd has an independent storage, R & D, sales network, after-sales service team. Since its establishment in October 1, 2000, set up branches around 4, professional and technical personnel 20 people, engineer 5 people, engineer 2 people, warehousing a total amount of about 36000000 yuan. The main industries include: chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, health products and other raw materials. Zhuhai Yazhongxing Bio-Tchnology Co.,Ltd since its inception has been to provide quality, efficient service. Our service, make meticulously, price satisfaction, so rest assured that customer. " Customer-oriented", for customers to provide overall service; "to serve as the core", tailored to customers the most valuable products. " To the quality as the center of gravity", a full range of services to customers!