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wholesale Vitamine K3, Hemodal
MOQ: 25kg
Appearance: White crystalline powder
CAS Number: 58-27-5
Molecular formula: C11H8O2
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MOQ 25kg
Appearance White crystalline powder
CAS Number 58-27-5
Molecular formula C11H8O2
Molecular Weight 172.18
Vitamine K3, Hemodal Detail

Vitamine K3

Vitamin supplements. Vitamin K for liver synthetic enzyme (factor B) must substance and participate in clotting factor VII, IX, and X synthesis, maintain animal blood coagulation physiological processes. Lack of vitamin K can cause these clotting factor synthesis obstacle, affect blood coagulation process and cause bleeding. Vitamin K is also in body (mainly refers to animals in the liver, bones, testicular, skin and kidney tissue organ) of vitamin K dependence carboxylase necessary function system, is bone meal (BGP) synthetic process the essential factor. In addition, in high-energy compounds metabolism and oxidative phosphorylation process, as well as with other fat-soluble vitamins are metabolized plays an important role, and has the diuresis, strengthen liver detoxify, participate in membrane structure, lower blood pressure function.

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