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wholesale Seabuckthorn seed oil
FOB Price:USD206.90/kg
Quantity:  kg
Minimum Order Quantity: 2kg
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Appearance: Clear, brownish yellow liquid
Sources: Seabuckthorn seed
MOQ: 2kg
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Bulk FOB Price
Start Weight End Weight Price
-- -- USD206.90  /kg
2.00kg 25.00kg USD227.59  /kg
26.00kg 50.00kg USD206.90  /kg
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Service Estimated delivery time
EMS 5-12 business days
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Appearance Clear, brownish yellow liquid
Sources Seabuckthorn seed
MOQ 2kg
Seabuckthorn seed oil Detail
Sea buckthorn is an herb. 

Sea buckthorn contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, and other active ingredients which can treat night blindness and dry eye.

Commodity name:Seabuckthorn seed oilFunction:Removing the blood stasis, 
strengthening the immune system, repairing of destroyed mucosa.
Certificate of Analysis:

Saturated fatty acids       12 — 13%
Stearic acid             0.1 — 2.5%
Unsaturated fatty acid       84 — 87%
Oleic acid             16.0 — 32.5%
Linoleic acid             27.5 — 38.0%
Linolenic acid             25.5 — 32.3%
Palmitoleic acid             7.0 — 9.0%
Vitamin             relative content(mg/100g)
Carotenoid             30 — 250
VE             200 — 300
VK             110 — 230
VD             2.0
VA             4.3
Trace element             relative content(mg/100g)
Fe             0.51
Zn             0.19
Ca             0.85
Mg             0.70
I             18.3
Se             >10ug/100g

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