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wholesale PVA embroidery film
FOB Price:USD15517.24/t
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1t
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Specifications: Thickness:25~80um
Appearance: colorless or transparent
Material: Poly(vinyl alcohol)
MOQ: 1
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Specifications Thickness:25~80um
Appearance colorless or transparent
Material Poly(vinyl alcohol)
PVA embroidery film Detail

1.For embroidery backing
2.PVA Water soluble film
3.Width:30~100 Length:100m~500m

PVA water soluble film for cold water embroidering can be used as temporary carrier.The carrier will be dissloved in cold water in a dozen seconds for it's water-solubility,and the embroidering image will be shown.The propertity of it is listed as followed:

1.low fexibility, no cutted line will be appeared when operating.
2.unique lines design and strong brittle tension will avoid the skipping and dislocation of the needle.
3.good water-solubility(in 20±5°C),high dissolving rate( dissolving completely in 30 seconds), no residue like feathering or glue will be left
4.the color of embroidered cloth will remain the same after film dissolving.
5.the softness of the film carrier will remain the same touch feeling after  embroidering.
6.environmental-friendly, no hazardousness and pollution. formaldehyde in the film, and it will be degradated to CO2  and H2O finally.
8.intensity standard for different carrier embroidering technology can be ensured.
9.available for varieties of high grade underware,fashion and special cloth.

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