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FOB Price:USD107.76/kg
Quantity:  kg
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
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Appearance: white needle crystal
Specification: root-bark of peony
CAS Number: 552-41-0
MOQ: 1kg
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Appearance white needle crystal
Specification root-bark of peony
CAS Number 552-41-0
MOQ 1kg
Molecular Weight 166.17
Content 99%
Paeonol 99% Detail

[[ Effect effect ] analgesic , anti-inflammatory , remove itching. Paeonol can inhibit intracellular O2- radical generation , skin whitening , will fade skin pigmentation reduction , elimination of plaque deposition , inflammation, swelling and pain, anti-allergic effects. On the stain , muscle pain , pruritus , psoriasis, herpes zoster , eczema has a better treatment.
[ Use] to use the Paeonol dissolved in glycerol or ethanol ( heating ) , adding an appropriate amount of propylene glycol , Laurocapram penetration enhancers , made ​​o / w type cream and cosmetics after mixing matrix . Configuration process to avoid the metal ion ( available 316 stainless steel ax ) , the product does not use metal packaging materials , otherwise discolored .
[ Example ]
( 1 ) added 0.25% on beauty cream , facial skin can promote blood circulation, activate the aging of skin cells, eliminate wrinkles, blotches , soothing beauty .
( 2 ) added 0.3% shampoo , can dandruff , itching, hair conditioner , moisturizing , soft, shiny , and promote hair growth.
( 3 ) added 0.25% in mask solution, make the skin white and tender, old age , for acne best effects.
( 4 ) added 0.3 percent in Hong shower gel, soap can promote skin metabolism, improve skin tone , to acne .
( 5 ) added 0.3% in toothpaste, gargle , and can relieve pain , prevent tooth decay, to cover bad breath, clean mouth and so on.
Pae Pae briefing is a natural non-toxic cosmetic additives, can inhibit the production of Paeonol intracellular O2- free radicals. With the skin whitening will restore faded skin pigmentation , Xiaoyu spots, inflammation, swelling and pain, anti-allergic, anti-viral effects. For pigmentation, freckles, dandruff, neuralgia , arthralgia , rheumatism , muscle pain , pruritus , psoriasis , shingles , eczema treatment and care with better results. In addition, toothpaste, rinse water, dentifrice , toothache water has a good effect . I produced Paeonol products in cosmetics applications are as follows :
   Can be made of the effects of beauty cream
Ingredients: Paeonol 0.25% , 0.25% licorice acid , stearic acid, stearyl alcohol , hydrogenated lanolin , squalane , octyl dodecyl alcohol , cetyl alcohol ethoxylates , glycerol stearate lipophilic , perfumes, preservatives , propylene glycol, distilled water and other components.
The main role: to promote facial skin blood circulation, activate cells of aging skin surface , eliminating wrinkles, freckle , skin beauty .
Hair dandruff shampoo can be made
Ingredients : Paeonol 0.3% , glycyrrhizic acid 0.35% 0.85% zinc phytate , lauryl ether sulfate , lauryl diethanolamide , Tween -80, EDTA, fragrance , pigments , deionized water, and other components.
The main role : dandruff , itching, hair conditioner , moisturizing , soft, shiny , and promote hair growth.
Bodybuilding can be made Hairspray
Ingredients : Paeonol 0.3% , 0.3% glycyrrhizin , trimethyl ammonium chloride , propylene glycol , fragrances , dioxane difluoromethane ( propellant ) and other components.
The main role : to strengthen the scalp blood circulation, insulation hair care, styling , and promote the proliferation of off hair to prevent dandruff formation and itching.
Totale mask can be made
Ingredients : Paeonol 0.25% , 0.25% glycyrrhizic acid , polyethylene glycol, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate , citric acid , a preservative, glycerin gel ketone, emulsifiers , liquid paraffin , flavor level percent.
The main role : to make the skin white and tender, Totale retirement, plus the effect on acne .
Paeonol fragrant bath can be made
Ingredients: Paeonol 0.3% , 0.25% of glycyrrhizin , planting zinc 0.5%, Emcol, 4161L foaming agent , Witcami-cle 82 foam stabilizers , water level into .
The main roles: Shu meridians , chills and pain , anti-rheumatic , anti-static , anti-inflammatory itching, promote body skin metabolism.
Skin soaps can be made
Ingredients: Paeonol 0.3% of glycyrrhizin 0.25% , cinnamon oil , ginseng extract, angelica extract, dry soap flakes , refined lanolin , titanium dioxide , boric acid, neutral sodium silicate , a pigment grade .
The main role: to promote skin capillary blood circulation, improve skin tone , to acne , sebum , anti-inflammatory itching.

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