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Grape seed extract Detail
Grape seed contains antioxidants to Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) (translation: anthocyanins or low before flower pigments or original flower pigments oligomer) of polyphenols, water-soluble, GaoSheng body for the utilization of biological flavonoids, human body cannot own synthesis of natural material, it has strong anti-free radical role, antioxidant power than vitamin C 20 times stronger than the vitamin E 50 times, It is the earliest in 1947 by French scientist Dr. Jack Masguilier peanut red from isolated endothelial.
Because the OPC have antioxidant properties, therefore, the disease is related to free unexpected health benefits, such as can enhance the immune system, and has antibacterial, antiviral and mutation, can reduce the occurrence of cancer, reduce LDL, reduce the risk of heart disease and vascular, reduce platelet clumping together, reduce to atherosclerosis risk factors, inflammation, antihistamine and allergy, protect liver function, prevent varicosity, promote the functional elastic, promote blood circulation and strengthening protection system, and also the OPC can heart through the blood brain barrier, capture the brain of free radicals, so also can prevent brain degeneratie alzheimer's disease.
The OPC can help vitamin C, vitamin E, also can absorb the harmful enzyme inhibition, avoid it to attack, and make the Collagen of the weak, make the skin elasticity fiber damage was not damaged, protect Collagen protein (Collagen and Elastin () function, prevent skin Elastin) wrinkle, double-blind trials early reports said, the flower pigments can reduce puffiness, cosmetic surgery to reduce 15.8 days from 11.4 days. To reduce the harm that ultraviolet skin can increase night vision, protect your eyes from diabetes, reduce the possibility of retinopathy, another neurotransmitter adjusting control of enzyme, improving semen structure and to increase her fertility, improve female PMS discomfort, hinder melanin formation, has whitening effect mentioned functions, Another experiment shows that there are about the symptoms of male bald OPC is improved.
Currently used as food preservation agent of chemical synthesis antioxidants, such as BHT and, this kind of material is BHA that can damage the liver cancer and the possibility of natural antioxidants, it is important, as many OPC, Plus adverse environmental impacts and busy life and stress factors, and the health of the human body will seriously affect on dietary supplements, such antioxidants, has been considered to improve and maintain a healthy one way.
During double-blind trials found that even the everyday use little flower pigments, such as 100 mg/day, also can increase the elasticity of capillary. In another experiment, double-blind French researchers report said, with chronic venous blood deficiency of 150 mg daily women can make symptoms. Another French double-blind trials found that three times daily dose of 100 mg, can achieve the result in four weeks.
The flower pigments (every 200 mg, 5 weeks) can improve the healthy and visual ability in darkness (by highbeams on the vision after). A rich original flower pigments products has been proved to prevent and transformation of abnormal vascular smoking.
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