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wholesale Glycerine;Glycerol
Appearance: Transparent , no suspending
CAS Number: 56-81-5
MOQ: 250kg
Package: 250kg/metal barrel
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Appearance Transparent , no suspending
CAS Number 56-81-5
MOQ 250kg
Package 250kg/metal barrel
Glycerine;Glycerol Detail

Chemical Name: Glycerine
Abbrev: PG
Technical Specification:

Appearance  Transparent , no suspending

Smell   Without peculiar smell

Color and Lustre,(Hazen),<   40 

Glycerine Content(%)      97 
Density (20℃,g/ml  )          1.2543

Sulphated Ash Content(%)<       0.01

Chloride Content,(CL,%)<   0.01 

Saponification Equivalent(mmol/100g)< 1.0 

Acidity or Alkalinity<0.10

Performance and application:

Property and Application:

When used externally, it has function of tending and heat preservation. It will accelerate the inteneration of horniness layer, and is widely used in industries of pharmaceuticals, food and cigar etc.      
It is transparant viscious liquid with no or light yellow color. There is no suspend matter, and no smell. When  used externally, it is hygroscopic and moisture absorbing.   
It is used as additive widely applied in fields of  cosmetics, food emulsion, drug, tobaco, lubricant, plastics, printing and dyeing, press, paper making, leather, dope, pesticide, mechanism processing an d etc. While used in industry, it is usually used as hygroscopic agent ,antifreeze,solvent and assistant agent.antifreeze,solvent and assistant agent

Packing Spec.: 250 kg /Metal Barrel
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