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wholesale Erythorbate 99%
FOB Price:USD10.34/kg
Quantity:  kg
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
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MOQ: 1kg
Appearance: White to light yellow crystalline powder
Specification: Food Grade
CAS Number: 89-65-6
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-- -- USD10.34  /kg
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MOQ 1kg
Appearance White to light yellow crystalline powder
Specification Food Grade
CAS Number 89-65-6
Standard CP
Molecular formula C6H8O6
Molecular Weight 176.1256
Purity 99%
Package 25kg/bag
Loss on Drying 0.1%Max
Mesh Size 80Mesh
Erythorbate 99% Detail

Chinese name: D-erythorbate.

Chinese alias: red algae sugar and acid; different vitamin C; D-2, 3,5,6 - tetrahydroxy -2-- had acid-γ-lactone; erythorbate.

English name: D-Isoascorbic acid.

English Name: Isovitamin C; D-Araboascorbic acid; D-erythro-Hex-2-enonic acid, gamma-lactone; D-Isoascorbic Acid; Isovitamin C;.

CAS Number: 89-65-6

Molecular formula: C6H8O6 Molecular Weight: 176.1256


Erythorbate, vitamin C, a stereo isomer, and thus the chemical nature of vitamin C similar.

Erythorbate, white to light yellow crystal or crystalline powder, odorless, sour taste, melting point 166 ~ 172 ℃, and decomposition, the case of light gradually turn black. Dry conditions, very stable in the air, and in solution when exposed to the rapid deterioration in the atmosphere, almost no role in the physiological activity of ascorbic acid, ascorbic acid is superior to its antioxidant properties, but poor heat resistance, reduction of strong, heavy metal ions can promote its decomposition, iso ascorbic acid easily soluble in water, 40g/100ml, soluble in ethanol, 5g/100ml, insoluble in glycerin, insoluble in ethanol and benzene, 1% aqueous solution of PH 2.8.


Oxidation resistance of different antioxidant capacity of ascorbic acid is much more than vitamin C, vitamin C, no enhancement effect, but will not hinder the body's absorption and use of ascorbic acid. The human body take different group of ascorbic acid in the body can be transformed into vitamin C.

Different physiological role of ascorbic acid in ascorbic role of ascorbic acid is only 1 / 20, but in lowering blood pressure, diuretic, liver glycogen formation, pigment excretion, detoxification role, roughly the same as ascorbic acid.

Erythorbate, mainly used in food industry, used as a food antioxidant, widely used in meat products, fish food, beer, fruit juices, fruit juice, grain, fruit and canned vegetables, pastries, dairy products, jam, wine, pickles, oil, etc. .

Packing: 25 kg / drum or 25 kg / cardboard box.
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