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wholesale Empty point nitrogen machine
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Specification: HSFD-10m³/h-99.9%
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Specification HSFD-10m³/h-99.9%
Empty point nitrogen machine Detail

This TaoZhi nitrogen system is by compressed air device, compressed air purification equipment, variable pressure adsorption nitrogen making device etc equipment composition.
A, compressed air system
Compressed air system by screw compressor and air buffer tank, variable pressure adsorption of provide nitrogen making the device air supply. The system provides stable output pressure and enough volume. JiXuan air compressor with reliable operation, easy maintenance, low noise, no basic operation of the screw air compressor machine. Air buffer tank mainly as a source of stability and storage buffer, the role, in addition can also collect and ruled out into the compressed air source of most of the condensate oil and water. Buffer canned have gauges, relief valves, the drainage outlet.
The exhaust air compressor ability is greater than a nitrogen making machine rated output of air consumption, because its rev. Stop by exhaust pressure control, when displacement gas consumption, more than when discharge pressure rise, air compressor stop; Otherwise, the air compressor start. Through such a cycle and stop, make air compressor for displacement nitrogen making machine gas consumption requirements, and adapt to the production line in the variable condition (less than) to run is rated output.
Second, air purification system
From the buffer tank out of compressed air into the first grade C filters filter, and then realize crude into the freezing drying machine, compressed air cooling, make the air force steam condensation, condenses into dust and oil smuggling of liquid water discharge cake layer. Blotting had better place in the engine room compression. Process the freezing dryer in addition to oil and water, based on three reasons:
Level 1, level after T delivers pipeline strainers inlet biggest liquid load: 2000 PPM w/w dew point <-12 ℃, do not use a freezing dryer, T level pipeline strainers easy failure; instead
2, the winter the temperature outside is low, compressed air temperature after water, reduce precipitation jam pipeline system, piping system need to tilt and drainage;
3, pipeline system of water separating is easy to corrode rust.
Cold dry machine precision filter group after group, the precision filter by secondary filter composition. Respectively is T level with A grade filter competent pass by high oil mist filter except. T competent passing grade filter for 1 um, the precision filter 1 um and more solid and liquid particles, residual oil share content 1 PPM w/w. In addition to A level high oil mist filtering precision filter 0.01 0.01 um um filter and more solid and liquid particles, 99.999 + % oil mist; Residual oil content of 0.001 PPM w/w. Compressed air quality and achieve ISO8573.1 quality level 1 level.
Three,. Variable pressure adsorption nitrogen making system
PSA carbon nitrogen making devices molecular sieve two molecular sieve adsorption tower filled with carbon, clean, dry compressed air into the variable pressure adsorption nitrogen making device, flows through a carbon reload molecular sieve (CMS) adsorption tower. Compressed air bottom-up flows through the use of molecular sieve adsorption tower, in under different pressure on nitrogen and oxygen and absorbability of different, oxygen, water, such as carbon dioxide in carbon molecular sieve table. Even

Surface, without the adsorption nitrogen adsorption at the exit is collected become product gas adsorption tower, the top outflow, into buffer tank. After a period of time, adsorption tower is carbon oxygen saturation of molecular sieve adsorption, need to undertake renewable.
Regeneration is through adsorption, reduce stop steps to achieve the pressure adsorption tower. Has completed the adsorption of adsorption tower short-term pressure, began after removal of the buck has adsorption oxygen, water, co2, etc, to complete the regeneration process components.
Two adsorption tower alternating adsorption and regeneration, which causes the flow rate and the stability of the products of nitrogen purity. Two of the adsorption switch controlled by PLC program control valve automatically. A variable pressure adsorption performance of nitrogen making device quality depends on the molecular sieve adsorption, carbon, technological process, equipment structure and pneumatic valve parts such as the electromagnetic performance. Our company produces the variable pressure adsorption nitrogen making device choose mitsubishi Japan production of PLC programmable controller, choose German BF carbon molecular sieve, Germany BURKET company produces the electromagnetic pneumatic

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