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wholesale Chlorogenic Acid 90%HPLC (in Green Coffee Beans)
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
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Sources: Green coffee beans
MOQ: 1kg
Specification: 90%
E.Coli: Negative
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Sources Green coffee beans
MOQ 1kg
Specification 90%
E.Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Bioactive Ingredients Chlorogenic acid
Chlorogenic Acid 90%HPLC (in Green Coffee Beans) Detail
Green coffee bean extract: chlorogenic acid

Source: Green coffee beans
Molecular Formula: C16H12O6
Specifications: 90%

Testing Method:HPLC

Green Coffee Beans MayAid Weight Loss

Vinson and his colleagues gave the men and women in the study a700-milligram (mg) dose of the ground coffee beans and a 1,050 mg dose. Theyalso gave them a placebo or inactive dose during the 22-week study.


The men and women cycled through each phase for six weeks. In between, theyhad ''wash-out'' periods where they didn't take any supplement. In this way,they served as their own comparison group.


"Their calories were monitored," Vinson says. They were not puton diets. Calorie intakes stayed about the same during the study. They averagedabout 2,400 calories a day -- by no means a weight reduction plan.


They burned, on average, about 400 calories a day in physical activity,Vinson says. The study was done in India.


The 17-pound loss was the average. Some lost only about 7 pounds; othersabout 26 pounds.


Overall, body weight declined by an average of 10.5%. Body fat declined by16%.


The study participants lost slightly more weight with the higher dosecompared to the lower dose, but not a significant amount with the placebo,Vinson says. Vinson can't say for sure why the coffee bean extract seems tohelp weight loss. He suspects one explanation is the unroasted beans'chlorogenic acid.


Chlorogenic acid is a plant compound. It may have ''some effect on keepingdown glucose absorption," which in turn helps reduce weight, Vinson says.

Once coffee beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid breaks down.


None of the people in the study reported side effects, Vinson says. Thecapsules are extremely bitter, he says. They are best taken with a lot of waterbefore a meal, he says.

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