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wholesale Arbutin (99% HPLC)
FOB Price:USD196.55/kg
Quantity:  kg
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
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Appearance: White powder
Sources: The leaves of bearberry and pear ,saxifrage, etc.
CAS Number: 497-76-7
MOQ: 1kg
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Appearance White powder
Sources The leaves of bearberry and pear ,saxifrage, etc.
CAS Number 497-76-7
MOQ 1kg
Specification 99.5%
Molecular Formula C12H16O7
Molecular Weight 272.25
Odor Tasteless
Bioactive Ingredients Arbutin
Purity 99.5%
Package 25kg/drum
Mesh 80M
Arbutin (99% HPLC) Detail


[Source]  The Bleaching component of natural green plants (such as the leaves of bearberry and pear ,saxifrage, etc.) .

[Physical properties]  White needle-like structure of crystals or powder, soluble in hot water, methanol, ethanol and the solution of propylene glycol and  glycerol in water, insoluble in ether, chloroform, petroleum ether, colorless aqueous solution

[Molecular formula and molecular weight] C12H16O7 ,272.25

[Pharmacological Effects]Arbutin is caused by the strong inhibition of tyrosinase activity of melanin formation and hinder the formation of melanin, reduce skin pigmentation, so that the skin whitening remove stains and freckles. This set of natural arbutin, security, efficiency in one's skin bleaching composition, in addition to its effect on human intestinal diseases, burns and has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects and can enhance immune function.

[Function] During the formation of melanin in the skin, tyrosinase plays a catalytic oxidation. Arbutin can strongly inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, blocking the formation of melanin. Tyrosinase by itself and combined to accelerate the decomposition and excretion of pigment to achieve the purpose of skin lightening. Arbutin is white needle crystal or powder, derived from natural green plants (such as bearberry leaves, pear leaves and saxifrage, etc.) of the bleaching composition, the skin is an efficient whitening cream, sunscreen effect, on human intestinal diseases, burns and has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects and can enhance immune function.

[Product Specifications] 99% by HPLC.

[Package] Upon client's request.

[Store] Cool dry place avoid light.



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