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wholesale Amino acid powder
Appearance: power
MOQ: 25kg
Salmonella: negative
Sulphate Ash: negative
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Appearance power
MOQ 25kg
Salmonella negative
Sulphate Ash negative
Amino acid powder Detail

Amino acids powder (Feed Grade)

(raw material for Soybean meal and fish meal)


It is light yellow Powder and dissolved, which is also an ideal low-cost and high-quality protein supplement. Protein contain is up to 105-110%, which is higher than soybean 40%-60%, it is part substitute protein materials of soybean meal and fish meal, it is easy to dissolution and resorption in animal body, 4-10% yield can be achieved to add this products,  the high protein content and small protein molecules to promote digestibility up to 95%.


1.       Delicious, can regulate feed taste, to promote animal appetite

2.       Nutrition supplements fast for animals to improve the feed usage

3.       This product is hydrolyzed keratin, rich in cystine, tyrosine and serine which is useful animal fur growth

4.       Promote growth , shorten the breeding cycle, improve the animal digestive function, reduce disease, and increase resistant

5.       In aqua feed can promote plankton growth, improve fish and shrimp production of crude protein content, increase the animal nutrition

6.       Adhesive ability to shape the particle

Recommend Dosage

Duck 2-4%

Fish 3-5%

Chicken 2-3%

Grow-fishing pigs 3-5%

It has better effects used for ducks, ruminant and aquatic feed.

Physical index

Crude protein more than 105%

Contain 17 kinds of amino acids

Water content less than 3%

Ash content less than 2%

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