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Appearance: White needle crystal or powder
CAS Number: 84380-01-8  
MOQ: 1kg
Molecular Formula: C12H16O7  
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Appearance White needle crystal or powder
CAS Number 84380-01-8  
MOQ 1kg
Molecular Formula C12H16O7  
Molecular Weight 272.25  
alpha-Arbutin Detail


CAS No.84380-01-8   

Molcular FormulaC12H16O7   

Molecular Weight272.25   

AppearanceWhite needle crystal or powder


Quality Standard Melting Point199204℃(±0.5)

                              Special Optical Rotation:+174~+186°


FunctionThe reason lies in the splash is due to the dark black pigment residues, so if you want to achieve more significant whitening effect, you must block melanin from the root. Alpha arbutin can directly effect on tyrosinase which cause melanin, close the factory of melanin which already opened, inhibit melanin production from the source. it has strong stability, and its effect is about 15 times of β - arbutin

1 Blocking melanin from the source

Melanin is the predecessor of the tyrosine, the formation of melanin is in the role of tyrosinase by dopa, DOPA quinone. Alpha Arbutin can let the melanoma cells in a dormant state by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase,  thereby blocking melanin.

2 UV protection network

Alpha arbutin can not only inhibit tyrosinase activity in skin, but also form a protective net on the surface of the skin against ultraviolet rays so that it can protect skin from UV damage, make melanin nowhere cluster

3. Alpha arbutin successfully solves the problem of its easily decompose, the whitening force was higher than the previous beta arbutin about 15 times, in terms of stability and security is quite good. Really played a role of positive, efficient whitening effect.

Applicationalpha arbutin is used as a whitening agent in the cosmetic products

PackagePaper drum lined with plastic bags, 20 kg / barrel

StorageArbutin is easy to absorb moisture, please store in a cool dry place

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