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wholesale Al-Ni Alloy Powder
MOQ: 1kg
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MOQ 1kg
Al-Ni Alloy Powder Detail

Physical chemistry traits:

Nickel aluminum alloy powder is in silver-gray amorphous powder, has a moderate degree of flammability, and easily caking (with hydrogent emission) if it is exposed with water. Expose in air is forbidden.


Nickel-alluminum is a semi-finished product of Raney Ni, Raney Ni catalyst is produced via activation of NiAl allog with NaOH and water. Raney Hi is popularly used in medicine, dyes, spice, grease, fiber and etc. For its excellent hydrogenation of nitro to amines., carbonyl group to alcohol, nitriles to amines, defins to alkanes, and it is also used in dehydrogenation of alcohols, reduction alkylation, and hydrogenation of polyols.

Type FNL11 (40mesh-60mesh) FNL12 (60mesh-80mesh)

Grain Size Mesh Number +40 -40+60 -60 +60 -60+80 -80 (Weight)%<5≥80 Residue <7≥75Residue

Type FNL13 (80mesh-120mesh) FNL14 (30mesh-50mesh)

Grain Size Mesh Number +80 -80+120 -120 +30 -30+50 -50 (Weight)%<10≥65 Residue <5≥85Residue

Type FNL15 (50mesh-80mesh) FNL16 (80mesh-140mesh)

Grain Size Mesh Number +50 -50+80 -80 +80 -80+140 -140 (Weight)%<7≥80 Residue <10≥70Residue

Type FNL17 (60mesh-100mesh) FNL18 (100mesh-150mesh)

Grain Size Mesh Number +60 -60+100 -100 +100 -100+150 -150 (Weight)%<10≥70 Residue <15≥65Residue

Type FNL19 (100mesh-300mesh)

Grain Size Mesh Number +100 -100+300 -300 (Weight)%<2≥55 Residue


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