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eBioChem Buyer

I received my item today in good condition.

Thank you very much.


eBioChem Buyer
I'm Chanel from the United States. Thanks to EBC, my small business is growing quickly and I now have more and better products to sell. It all started 3 months ago, I worked very hard for my small business, but barely made enough money to pay the overhead cost. One day, I was surfing the internet, and I came across EBC, and I was very happy to see that I had more choice. Even though I was excited, of course I was skeptical at the beginning--anybody would be. I thought, "What if I pay and the stuff never comes?" but I made my first order anyway, because I didn't want to let the chance pass by due to my doubt, it just wouldn't make sense. My first order was small, around $300, but the order exceeded my expectations when it arrived just a week later, and the products' quality was excellent. Ever since, I kept buying more and more from EBC, with high quantity, around 10 orders a month. Thanks to EBC, I now don't have a problem paying my bills anymore. And you bet, I start to make a big chunk of money. If you are still skeptical about EBC, just put up a little bit of money like I did, and you won't be disappointed.

Chanel - USA

eBioChem Buyer
My name is Kirsten and I am from Sweden.

In 2010 I found EBC after searching how to buy chemical goods from China. I started to buy same chemical products through EBC and it turns out to be an easy, cheap and safe way to do business with Chinese sellers.

After a break I looked after different products that I could sell in Sweden, so in June 2010 I started to buy pharmaceuticals and started with small quantity's to test the market, the result was way over my expectations and now I take larger quantities.

I have received over 20 shipments in the past few months and it has always been a great pleasure to do the business through EBC. And all the sellers have been very honest and I always got exactly what I ordered.

The margins on the products that I am selling are between 50-75% with a 200-300% put on. Together with EBC I can soon quit my daily job and start my own business.Thanks EBC for making business easier with China.

Kirsten - Sweden

eBioChem Buyer
Hi, I am Antonio from Spain and I want to say thanks, many thanks to EBC because I was lost searching different things to sell in my eBay's store and all I found were frauds…When I almost lost hope, I found EBC…first I thought it was another scam but after the first try I saw they were very serious, professional with very good service.

Many thanks to EBC, without EBC I couldn not work. EBC will help me out of any trouble and always has the best solution to solve my problems. All I have to say to EBC are good words: good service, good product and good system….

Thanks to EBC. Now I have many items to sell and with the warranty my customers are as happy as I am.Thanks for changing my business life and offer me a much more efficient and effective way for my business.

Gracias, eBioChem!

Antonio - Spain

eBioChem Buyer
My name is Eric from the UK and I am a buyer. I am writing to let you know how helpful the EBC has been to me.
EBC sorted everything out for my purchases, made sure I've got the best price and the quality I wanted. Also EBC has kept me informed every step along the way and worked hard to make sure everything goes smoothly. It's correct that EBC deserves a star! Without EBC, I wouldn't be able to make the purchases in time. And their customer service worked very hard to find me the right products and sellers and they always double check the quality of the products I am interested. I am very grateful to EBC and people in EBC deserve some sort of recognition for all the hard work.
So, thank you very much, EBC! 

Best Regards


Eric - UK
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