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About Us

CNHBSJZDW Supplies the best productions by high-tech, cherishes the beautiful nature by green technics.
The company is a  individual proprietorship company in technology exploiture , technology service, produce and trade of fine chemical, We devote ourselves to provide high-quality products and services on-time for our customer. We have independent right to import and export. Our products are mainly sold to Europe, USA, Australia, India, Korea, southeast of Asia etc. We have strong researching ability and perfect examination means. We have six laboratories, a pre-production test workshop and four united chemical factories underneath, one distribution company. The research direction and main operation includes five parts:
(1) Food additive and Medicine material: Main product is sucralose, Irinotecan, Neosperidin dihydrochalcone, Naringin dihydrochalcone. We mostly develop foresighted new medicine and pharmaceutical intermediate, especially in chiral compound we have accumulated a wealth of experience. Welcome our clients customize all kinds of chiral materials.
(2) Organic acid and its ramification: Our main products are organic acid and its acyl compound include chloride , amine and salt. Such as 2,2-Dimethyl Butyric Acid ;2,2-Dimethylbutyryl chloride;3,3-Dimethyl Butyric Acid ;3,3-Dimethyl butyryl chloride. All of these have come into being series and large-scale productions, exported to global markets including Occident, India, Japan and Korean. The character and output have been recognized by all clients.
(3) Heterocyclic compound: includes ramification from pyridine, ramification from nicotinic acid. We have two expert laboratories in developing ramification of pyridine, nicotinic acid and quinoline. Especially in ramification of pyridine nearly sixty kinds of products have been successfully developed. We are the sole maker of many products among them and holding the lead interiorly. Main products include: 2-hydroxyisonicotinic acid,2-Aminoisonicotinic acid,2-Mercaptonicotinic acid,2,6-dichloronicotinic acid,4-aminonicotinic acid,4-chloronicotinic acid,4-Hydroxynicotinic acid, 4-Nitronicotinic acid N-oxide, Methyl 4-hydroxynicotinate,6-methyl nicotinic acid,6-aminonicotinic acid,5,6-Dichloronicotinic acid etc.
(4) Customizes products: We have set up a special laboratory for subjects that are not of our company`s. Depend on the strong power of research and production, we can provide chemical products customized service from 1g to 100g, 1000g 10kg, 100kg and MT. We customizes products following clients`demand and sells to the market openly even clients have give up keeping secret agreement.

(5) Moreover, no only independence produce of product, our company still sell chemicals over a long period of time. We would like to become your agency in China.

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